The last Stockholm Summit
28-30 May 2012

The third and last Stockholm Summit have come to an end. School directors, researchers and others from all over the world met in Stockholm to discuss and learn from each other.

The Summit offered an unique opportunity to reflect on the role of the school director between political demands and pedagogical practice.

Together, we raised urgent quesions about the role, tools and responsabilities of the top level school leader in a changing world.

This was the last summit out of three. The idea was to organize  meetings between school leaders on local and regional level and  researchers in relevant areas to raise and discuss urgent questions about the  important task to provide education for the future challenges we know little  about. The themes have been leadership, especially leadership for change, the  need for a thorough understanding of change processes, quality issues – systems  and rationale for assessment and follow-up and of course, the challenges of globalization.

This time, we also focussed on the responsibilities we have,  the responsibility to know about conditions for learning in itself. What do we need to know to be able  to find the guiding principles for creating an  education for the future challenges?

Hopefully, there will be others who will continue to summon this target group to conferences, because we do need to meet in real life

And, finally, the most important lesson we learnt - There are no excuses...

Here are the pictures from our students - Slideshow!


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The first Stockholm Summit gathered more than 250 participants from practically all over the world. We shared the knowledge and got inspired by Andy Hargreaves, Bengt Kristersson Uggla among many other speakers.
All sessions was filmed and are available.

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The second Stockholm Summit offered even more but certain clouds made our crowd somewhat smaller, but nontheless excellent. Andy Hargreaves was with us this year as well, as was Yong Zhao, Pasi Sahlberg and many others. There are presentations and a summary at -

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A lovely boat trip to the Stockholm archipelago and a stunning evening at the City Hall are offered all the participants at the Stockholm Summit 2012.

Q: What is the expected number of attendants?
A: Attendance is expected to be approximately 250.

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